Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Birthday Wishes to Art

I’ve noticed when people leave birthday greetings on Facebook they just give the basic happy birthday wish. I always try and do a little bit more. Making it a celebratory wish.

My friend Art has a birthday today. Well technically, since he lives in the other land down under, his birthday was yesterday. So it’s actually tomorrow there now in comparison to the time it is here in DC now. Or to him in New Zealand it’s yesterday here. It can all be a little confusing. But he takes advantage of the fact he was born in this hemisphere and celebrates both days.

Back to the greetings. As I said I try to make my felicitations of the the day a little more elaborate. So I came up with this birthday greeting for him. I’m posting it on his birthday in this hemisphere (although I did wish him happy birthday on his actual birthday where he is at this moment where it is tomorrow).

Amazingly awesome, breathtakingly beautiful, creatively crafty, deliciously delightful, exotically exciting, fabulously fun, graciously great, humogously happy, incredibly inventive, jovially jocular, kinetically kingly, languidly luxurious, mightily magnificent, nicely naughty, overtly ostentatious, prodigiously promising, quantitatively quaint, ridiculously riotous, splendiferously stupendous, terrifically triumphant, uproariously unique, vociferously vivacious, whimsically wry, xeriscapely Xanadu, youthfully yarn, zig-zagily zany.

Oh and a very happy happy birthday too!


Arthur Schenck said...

Hahaha, thank you! :-) You're right—people DO tend to leave really basic greetings. I wonder why that is when they don't always hold back n their comments otherwise?

Thanks again!!!

Jason in DC said...

Hope you had a good celebration for both hemispheres!