Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Dropping Gas Prices

Gas prices have really dropped over the past few months.  This from the Post:

Missouri became the first state Friday to have an average statewide gas price fall below $2 per gallon since 2009, while Oklahoma’s average was expected to drop below that threshold sometime over the weekend, according to AAA.

More on the rapid price drop:

All but three states have seen average gas prices fall at least $1 during the second half of 2014, according to data provided by AAA.

Gas prices dropped the most in Ohio, where the average price for a gallon Monday was $2.03, a full $1.9 lower than it was on June 1, according to data provided by AAA’s Daily Fuel Gauge Report, the automotive and travel information nonprofit’s gas-price-tracking Web site. Just three states have seen price declines of less than $1 from June 1 to Dec. 29. Average prices fell by 99 cents in Vermont, 92 cents in Alaska and 83 cents in Hawaii. No state saw gas prices rise.

I certainly saw that on my recent trip out to Springfield for Christmas. When I arrived in Springfield on December 21 the price of gas was $1.91 a gallon. Two days later it had dropped to $1.87. By the time I left at some stations it had dropped to $1.86. I have to think if the Christmas holiday hadn’t been in the week it would have dropped even more.

The price is really cheap when you compare to gas in DC. I filled up on yesterday and it was $2.52. Almost 70 cents more a gallon. Glad I don’t drive a lot. But then again it’s all perspective. A year ago it was a dollar more a gallon in DC. That’s according to the Daily Fuel Gauge Report put on by AAA. You can find this interactive chart here. This is a very cool chart. You can see the national average for gas. You can also pick from a list of cities to see what it is in your area. Today in Springfield according to AAA the price is $1.79. In DC it was $2.63

Here’s hoping this continues. Here’s further hoping that gas prices stay low for most of the coming year too.

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