Thursday, January 08, 2015

Making Another Pumpkin Cake

A copy of the recipe my mom sent me to make the cake.

I made another one while I was in Springfield. I even added nuts to this one. I don’t usually do that because I don’t like nuts all that much. I think a few more might have made it even better.

I think this the first time I’ve made the pumpkin cake when I visited Springfield. So I was using all the things that my mom would have used to make the cake. I even had the typed up recipe from her to use. It was a strange experience. I had the cake pan where she’d put our last name on it. Even the cover had a piece of tape with the name on it too.

It was a very successful cake. Everyone liked it. I think we ate up just about all of it before I left for DC.

It made me feel a lot closer than I usually do to my mom at Christmas time. That and the fact we watched an old DVD of a Christmas from 20 years ago. There we all were at the house on Wildwood opening presents. I got a really nice sweater from my mom and dad that they got at Eddie Bauer. (This was at the time when just about all presents that were clothing from my parents came from Eddie Bauer. It became a running joke in the family.) It turns out that was the sweater I brought with me to Springfield. A rather odd coincidence.

So a lot more nostalgia this Christmas than usual. It sure did leave a wonderful smile on my face.

Mixing the dry ingredients

Dry ingredients set and the pan is ready to go too.

Mixing the eggs.

Canned pumpkin and sugar are all in.

Time to add the dry ingredients

The last of the dry stuff

I even added nuts!

Ready for the oven

All baked!


Arthur Schenck said...

Really nice post. I like the mix of memory and "current events". And cake—things are always better with cake! :-)

Jason in DC said...

Yes, my thoughts exactly. And the cake was soooo good!