Sunday, January 18, 2015

Visiting the Dermatologist

I went to the dermatologist on Thursday to have them look at a mole on my neck. This happened because of the parade of Peanuts ties, I was putting on a tie each day. So I was looking at my neck closely to tie the tie. It seemed to me that the mole on my neck looked a  little different. It was of course in a position where I really couldn’t get a good look at in the mirror. I decided I needed to have it checked out.

The first step was a visit to my regular doctor so he could take a look at it. He didn’t seem to think much of it until I mentioned I thought it looked different. He said I should have it checked out. It was really easy to make the appointment because the dermatologist’s office is on the same floor as my doctor’s office.

Thursday was my appointment. I had all my paper work filled out because I had picked it up when I made the appointment. I’d hope to able to get the mole looked at and have a general exam. But that was not the case. When I made the appointment, I said I had a mole to be looked at and I wanted a general exam but I think all the receptionist heard was the part about a specific mole needing to be looked at.

I waited about 30 minutes and then was shown in. I talked to one of the doctor's assistance. I went over what I thought was going on. I also asked if it would be possible to as I always say look at all my spots. She said the appointment was specifically for just looking at the mole. But she would check with the doctor. She came back a few minutes later and said it wouldn't possible to do that today.

The doctor comes in and I go over what I think has happened with the mole. I said I thought the mole looked a little bigger. And if not bigger part of it had changed color. He takes a look said that moles can change over time. The best thing to do was to take it out and send it away for testing. And that is exactly what he did.

It took all of a few minutes for that to happen. I asked how it looked underneath. He really didn't answer one way or another. He said it would be sent off and tested and that would determine what the next step would be. And that was that.

His assistance then went over what to do to the area where the mole was removed. I got a sheet of paper called Wound Care Instructions. I laughed about that. The assistant did to. Wound makes it sound like I got knifed or something.

There was a list of instructions on what to put on the wound. What type of pain medication to use if it hurt. The assistant then said that the results of the biopsy would be available in 10-14 days. So sometime around the end of the month. It might be a little early too. But she reinforced that it would be 10-14 days. I think she said that three times. She said they used to say 7-10 days and people would start calling on day 7 to get the results. But the results wouldn't necessarily be in by then.

That was the end of the appointment. I paid my co-pay and made an appointment for the general exam.

On the way down in the elevator to the lobby of the building, I looked at the form again. I stared laughing out loud. At the bottom of the sheet centered in all bold and highlighted in yellow was this: You will receive a call with your results within 7-10 days.

Now wasn't I just told several times that it would be 10-14 days to get the results. I thought if I was in doubt as to when my results would be available, I would be much more likely to look at the sheet I was given and follow that than remember what I had been told. A rather odd ending to my visit.

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