Sunday, January 04, 2015

I Agree with Lucy 100% — I Hate when Christmas Ends

As a kid I used to do exactly what Lucy would do. Countdown to Christmas.

Actually the first thing I would count down would be how much time was left until we started Christmas vacation from school. After awhile each day people would ask how much time was left.

I don't countdown anymore well I guess I do in a way with the Parade of Peanuts ties. But I just hate when December 26 rolls around because Christmas is over. It always makes me sad.

I know there are New Year's celebration but I have to say I never really like New Year's all that much. I'm not sure why but it has never appealed to me.

Tomorrow is Monday and it's back to the office. I'll be taking down the decorations and lights that were up in my office. And Christmas will be officially over.


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