Monday, January 05, 2015

Steam Wants to Control My Computer

I have been a long time player of Sid Meier’s Civilization since it first came out which is a really long time ago now. It must be at least 20 years. It’s now in the cloud and managed by something called Steam. Isn’t that cute it’s in the cloud and the company that runs it is called Steam.

I’ve had some problems with Steam. I updated my operating system once on my Mac and it screwed up accessing the game. This was an upgrade, by the way, that I had waited on downloading to my computer. I wasn’t the first one to do this. It was probably a couple of months after the upgrade was released that I finally got around to upgrading my computer. You would have thought by that time that Steam would have solved any of the problems associated with the upgrade.You would have thought.

That’s not what happened. I emailed Steam support. They offered little if no help in solving the problem. I blundered around and finally got the game to work. About a week later, responding to one of the many emails I sent them, I got instructions on how to solve the problem. And I don't think they would have solved the problem either.

Now when I start the game, I get the above message on my computer. Why exactly would I let Steam take control of my computer. Especially when there is very little information from Steam on why this is necessary. I’ve tried to find some explanation for this on their site but have come up empty handed. So each time it comes up I click on deny.

I have to say I’m getting a little tired of programs wanting all sorts of extra information or in this case access to my computer for no apparent reason. With little or no explanation on the necessity of having access or the information. It now seems any app you download to your phone requires access to your Facebook information. I cannot understand why that is necessary at all. And they won’t be getting that information from me either.

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