Sunday, January 04, 2015

Sunday Afternoon Excitement

I was upstairs in my bedroom folding laundry (something I just love to do). I hear sirens. I realize that they're fire trucks. The sirens are getting closer and closer. I raise the blinds on one of the bedroom windows to look out.

The trucks are very close now. I can see them. I figure they are going to go past my house. But they don't. The trucks stop right at the corner. The fire fighters jump out and head for the house at the end of the street. There are three trucks including a ladder truck. I later see another truck on a the side street. There is also a fire fighter SUV.

Out come the hoses from the three trucks. The ladder truck is getting set up to deploy the ladder. Someone from the house comes out as fire fighters are just about to enter the house. I'm not sure what is said but it must be something along the lines that things are not all that bad. The firefighters are still working to get hoses in place but are not moving as fast as they were originally.

Then things really slow down. They try to see if the person next to me is home. I stick my head out and tell them they aren't at home. I ask a little later if they need to get in touch with them. They say no. They've figured out that whatever happened (they didn't say what it was) was confined to the house at the end of the block.

The truck on the side street leaves. The two trucks in front stay for another twenty minutes or so. Long after they've put the hoses back on the truck. They eventually leave too. But one truck parked down the streets stays for a good half hour after that.

And that was my Sunday afternoon excitement.

The ladder truck.

Getting the hoses back on the truck

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