Friday, November 28, 2008

Down to the Smithsonian

Work let out early on Wednesday so I went down to the American History Museum. It had just reopened after extensive renovations. You can read more about it here. I got to the Star Spangled Banner and the Gettysburg Address. Along with other stuff in what is affectionately called the nation's attic. The museum is still not completely open but I think over the next few months all the galleries will be open.

Then it was off down the block to the see the Natural History Museum. There is a new and truly incredible exhibit on the oceans. I only scratched the surface on it. I definitely have to go back and take some more time going through it. I also saw the butterfly pavilion. Wow what an incredible exhibit. There is an admission fee but it is well worth the price.

Here are some pictures. Tomorrow I hope to post some video.

This is not part of the Smithsonian. But somewhere hidden is part of a cat. See if you can find Sam.

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