Saturday, November 01, 2008

Taking a Breather

I've decided to try and try is the important word to avoid any of the political stuff this weekend. Not do any posts about it either. I'm more than a little stressed out about the election. I'm fairly sure that Obama will win but you never know about these things. The Republicans have been able to scare people into voting for them in the past. So like I said you never know.

Mostly I just need a break from it. There'll be more than enough time to stress and fret and wonder about what's going to happen on Monday and Tuesday. All I know is I will be so glad when this is over.

I think this is a very important election. I think we need to sweep aside what Bush has done to this country. I don't see John McCain doing that at all. I really do see if he were elected as a third Bush term. Also Sarah Palin is completely and totally unqualified to be Vice President let alone President.

McCain promised a different campaign. He completely failed to deliver on that promise. He did what past Republican campaigns have done tried to scare people and demonize the opposition. I'm tired of my patriotism being questioned by the Republican party. I'm tired of the inference and innuendo that somehow I'm not an American. Or that I'm anti-American. I'm tired of the notion that if we make every millionaire and billionaire that that will be good for Americans.

Obama has run a fair campaign. There have been a few over the top moments but not many. Nothing like say calling your opponent a socialist. I think Obama offers hope to America. Hope to ordinary everyday people who didn't benefit from the huge run up in the stock market. Hope to people struggling to make ends meet. Hope to people trying to pay for health care. Hope for a foreign policy that doesn't compromise our ideals and makes us pariahs in the world. Hope for treating our troops better whether on the battle field or at home.

In the end I just feel Barack Obama will be a much better president for all Americans.

And so much for taking a breather from the campaign.

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