Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Odds and Ends

Rent Your Home for the Inauguration

At Metro Center this morning guys were passing out leaflets. On them they said you could rent your house for the inauguration and get from $1,000-$5,000 for the week. I have a funny feeling that Washington will be wall to wall with people come January 20.

There have been several news reports that rooms are going quickly. If you expect to get one you need to book now or you'll miss out. There's also been at least one report on how to rent your house for the inauguration.

It makes me wonder what January is going to be like in DC. To top it off the inauguration is the day after the Martin Luther King holiday.

25 Percent Off

I wen to the Apple Store at Tyson's Corner Mall over the weekend. To get to the Apple Store I went through Bloomingdales. They had a sale on men's suit. The suits were really nice. I'm pretty sure they were from Italy. If you took 25% off the price of the suit it would come to $423.75. The price of the suit was $1695. Yes $1695.

Now I sort of think that $423.75 you could go to many other stores and get a pretty nice suit for that price. And if there was a sale you might even be able to get two.

Now at first I thought that I'd misread the price. On the way back to my car I checked again and sure enough $1695. I thought as I went out if anyone can afford a suit for that price then they can afford to have their taxed raised. Because I'm pretty sure if you can afford a $1695 suit you're probably making over $250,000 and that means your taxed will be going up when Obama is president.


I went to the gym on Tuesday. It was rather strange not to have a personal training session with Randy. But I did pretty well on y own. I know my legs hurt today so that's always a good sign that I've had a good workout. I went on Sunday too. I'm using some of the exercises that I did with Randy and then adding some of my own stuff as well.

I still haven't connected with the trainer Randy recommended. We were supposed to have a session last Friday but he had to cancel. I was hoping we could arrange something for this week but that seems like it's not going to happen. I hope to get back working with someone soon. I'm going to go down to one session a week.

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