Monday, November 03, 2008

My Closing Statement

Here's my closing statement:

I’d like to say something in general about the past few years. I’m tired of the notion that somehow because I don’t agree with the party that controls the presidency, I’m somehow un-American. That somehow I’m not a "real" American. To put it bluntly I’m tired of my patriotism and love of this country being constantly questioned by the party in power.

Having said that I’d like to add that the single most important thing anyone can do tomorrow is to go out and vote. Furthermore you should encourage everyone you know to vote. Call them, e-mail them, tell them to vote. Democracy does not work unless people participate. So Vote.

As for me, tomorrow I’m voting for Barack Obama. I could go into great detail as to why I’m supporting him but I’m just going to mention a few points.

I think he’s right on taxes. I think the middle class deserves a tax cut.

I think he’s right on foreign policy. I think electing Barack Obama president, in and of itself, will go a long way to restoring our standing in the world. I know he’s ready to make the hard choices necessary to keep this country safe.

I think he’s right on health care. Health care is a right not a responsibility. Also you shouldn’t have to lose your shirt if you get sick.

I could go on, on issue after issue. But I’ll close with this.

We’ve had eight years of fear. It’s time to have four years of hope. And that hope is Barack Obama.

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