Sunday, November 30, 2008

Little Traditions

I have a couple of little traditions that I do around the holiday season.

The first is that starting on the Friday after Thanksgiving all I listen to is Christmas music until January 2. Everyday on the way to work I listen to the soundtrack to a Charlie Brown Christmas. It helps put me in the mood of the season. The important thing is that each year I need to get additional music to listen to. This year looks like there is a bumper crop to choose from. Enya, Faith Hill, Tony Bennett, Neil Sedaka. So they'll be lots of new stuff to listen to.

The other tradition is what I call the Parade of Peanuts ties. I wear a different Peanuts tie to work each day until I leave for the holiday. You may ask if I have enough ties to do that and the answer is of course I do. I even have several holiday themed ones too.

This is just my way starting the season off right.

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