Saturday, November 15, 2008

Funny Story

This is one of those funny but true and sort of hard to believe stories that happened to me this week.

I'd had the day from hell at work. It was as I often say "why should it be simple when it can be hard" days. When everything took five or six steps when normally it should take just one. My boss and I had spent over two hours trying to figure out why there was a problem when we exported a file to make it into an HTML file. Finally we figured it out. But it set the tone for the rest of my day.

I ran into another charming software stumper. All I can say is when technology works it is a wonderful thing but when it doesn't work the way you want or expect well that's just a bitch.

Finally the end of the day comes. I'm going to go home and make a nice dinner and just relax. I'm "cooking" in other words everything is going in the microwave. I'm making chicken with rice and some corn.

Things are going well. No problems with the chicken or rice. I get the frozen corn out of the freezer. When I do that I hear this odd sound. Almost like a tinkling sound. I stop what I'm doing and the sound starts. I think hmm oh well. I move from the frig to the counter to put the corn in a dish so I can put it into the microwave. I hear the sound again. I look around. I try and figure out where the sound is coming from. I look around the kitchen and I'm still hearing the sound. Finally I feel something hit my let. I look down and there is corn all over the floor. The bag of corn has a hole in it. Of course by moving around the kitchen, I've been moving the bag of corn in my hand and spreading corn all over the floor.

After everything else that happened that day, all I could do is laugh. I did decide that I was going to eat my dinner first before cleaning up the mess. I really should have taken care of it right away. I have to think getting frozen corn up off the floor would have been easier than getting the corn up that had thawed. It was again not as easy as it should have been.

I feel that years from now I'll move something and find some mummified kernel of corn.

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