Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Transition

So the transition is well underway. It sounds like in short order most of the White House staff will be named and the cabinet sometime in the next couple of weeks.

I've noticed a rather interesting development in the coverage of all this. Many of the people being named are from the Clinton years. Somehow by naming these people the media is beginning to question if this the "change" that Obama talked about. There have even been comments that this is somehow the Clinton third term.

Well in case people and the media in particular need a reminder of what change is here's a list of some of the changes that are coming:

There won't be the notion that if you object to what the government is doing in Iraq, Afghanistan or the war on terror you are somehow a traitor to the United States.

The middle and lower class will have real tax relief.

When a bill is signed by the president there won't be a signing statement that says what part of the law will or won't be enforced.

People will be appointed to posts because they are qualified not because of cronyism.

When an energy policy is created it won't be dictated by the oil and natural gas industry in secret meetings with the Vice President.

You won't see U.S. Attorneys dismissed because they don't want to pursue a political agenda in conducting prosecutions.

There won't be rewriting of scientific reports to fit in with a political agenda. At an even more basic level there will be a belief in science again.

There won't be the semantics game of what is and isn't torture. There won't be any torture.

When Obama takes the oath of office to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States thats' exactly what he will do. He won't be ignoring parts of the Constitution he doesn't particular like.

And that's the biggest change of all.

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