Saturday, November 01, 2008

Fall Back

That's what we do tonight. We fall back to standard time.

As everyone always says you get an extra hour of sleep. My dad came up with a great response to that: you only get the extra hour if you can sleep the extra hour. I couldn't agree more. As someone who in all likelihood not be able to sleep the extra hour, 5 am will come awfully early. Not that I always wake up at 6 on the weekends but sleeping "late" on the weekends for me is like 7 am. I'm hoping to be able to fall back and sleep to at least the time tomorrow.

Of course with time change coming a week later than it used to be, a couple of my electronic devices decided they would be helpful and change automatically. The only problem with that of course is they changed last weekend. So last Sunday I dozed off on the couch and woke to look at the clock on my DVD recorder. It said 2:15. Now I know it had to be later than that. It took me a little while to figure out what was going on. So I changed the clock back to daylight savings time. The thing is tomorrow I'll have to change it again.

I always seem to forget one clock in my house. That one is the one in the basement. Since I don't go down there a great deal except to do laundry or iron, the clock can sometimes be wrong for up to a week. I'm hoping to remember change it this time.

Then of course with time change it is time to go around to all the smoke detectors and CO2 detectors and change batteries. This year I have enough batteries to do all of them.

So I hope you can sleep the extra hour we're all getting tonight. I all likelihood I'll be up around 5. Even Sam won't want to get up and play that early.

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