Saturday, March 29, 2008

First Full Day

It was sunny. It was windy. It was dizzly. It was rainy and turned cold. All in less than six hours.

I'm taking a little rest before I head out for dinner and Lord of the Rings. I took the Original London Sighseeing tour today. It was a great way to see huge parts of London. Also a way to rest up from the trip over. I got off by Big Ben and took a river cruise which was included in the price of the tour.

This has helped me figure out what to do tomorrow after I see the Dr. Who exhibit and adjust to the change in time. If the weather looks pretty good, I'm going to the Dr. Who exhibit and work my way back to Hyde Park. I'll use my Oyster Card to hop on and off the Tube. If the weather is not so nice, I'll head off to the National Gallery.

Well I'm going to take a little bit of a rest and head out in about an hour or a little less. Maybe I'll stop off at the British Museum on the way down. Now that really proves I'm in London!!!!

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