Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Still Waiting

I'm going crazy.

I washed the storm window in the front door.

I've cleaned the bathroom.

I dusted in my bedroom.

I got all the laundry up from the basement.

I've read several magazines.

I called my dad.

I washed the dishes and put them away.

I paid some bills.

I blogged several times.

I got the water from the big storm we had last night off the front stoop.

I've played with Sam. He wants very much to go outside and is being rather annoying about it.

It is now 11:30. There is still some faint hope that they will show up before noon. But only a faint one. Hopefully it won't take too long to fix. Say an hour or so. At 1:00 does it make any sense to try and get into work?

I did get the oil delivery yesterday so I know for sure there is oil in the tank.

So I guess I get to wait a little more.

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