Saturday, March 15, 2008

Odds and Ends

While trying to get to sleep
The other night I was trying to get to sleep (see the post about time change) and heard this very strange noise in the distance. I'm always amazed how much more I can hear in my bedroom at night. The day time noises of the city have died down. It means you can really hear the noises that are left.

So I'm in bed and I hear this honking noise. It grows steadily louder. I cannot for the life of me figure out what it is. It is not an air horn or the sound of a car horn or alarm.

Finally I recognize it. It is a flock of geese flying overhead. I listen as the sound becomes very loud. It sounds as if they are flying right over the house. Then slowly over time it recedes and then is lost.

I wished them well on their journey.

Harry Potter
It seems the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows will be two movies not one. Considering how complicated the last book and the amount of ground that is covered, it is a good idea to make two movies. I know for the Goblet of Fire there was talk of making two movies too.

Half Blood Prince will be out in November.

Coke bottle cap

For some reason Coca-Cola has changed the design of the cap on its bottles. I noticed it the other day. I have to say I think it is not as easy to open with the new design. There is less to grab hold of the cap is not as tall as the old one. I’ve had problems opening a couple of bottles that were wet. I don’t thin I would have had the same problem with the old design.

Vacuum Cleaner
I have an old vacuum cleaner that I no longer use. I thought a good way to get rid of it would be to put it out in the back where I place the garbage. It's in an alley and I figured someone would come by and take it off my hands. Well I had no such luck. I finally brought it back up to the house yesterday when I got home form work. That's when I noticed that someone had taken the time to cut the electrical cord off the thing. I thought that was very funny. Why take the time to do that? What a silly act ov vandalism.

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