Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Numbers Trickling In

Clinton and Obama have split the small states. Clinton won Rhode Island and Obama Vermont. The results form Ohio and Texas are well just trickling in.

It's very possible that they could split the big states as well. Clinton winning in Ohio and Obama in Texas. The more important thing is how the delegates divide up. In the end Obama might still be ahead of Clinton. He might be closer to the number needed for the nomination but he still won't have it.

Do Florida and Michigan have some say down the road? Tonight I heard the idea floated that those two states would have another go at having primaries but in June. Do you want it to go on that long? Will it mean a divisive campaign? Will the Republicans be getting all sorts of ideas on how to attack the eventual Democratic nominee? (Not that they need any help in that department.) Or does the on-going Democratic contest suck all the oxygen out of the room the Republicans are in? Can the Republicans get any sort of press if the focus is all on the Democrats race? Will the extra time McCain have (since with the wins tonight he now has enough delegates to be nominated) allow him to unite the Republican Party behind him?

I have a feeling over the next couple of days these questions will be asked a great deal.

I am concerned that the Democrats campaign not become too negative. But the idea that this will inflict a fatal wound on whomever emerges as the nominee is pretty silly.

All we can do right now is wait and see.

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