Monday, March 24, 2008

Starting to Pack

I'm starting to pack for my trip to London.

The new suit case that I got is much bigger on the outside then it is on the inside. Of course it is bigger on the outside in order to accommodate the wheels. I'm going to have to do some creative packing in order to get everything in there. The toiletries bag has been replaced with a large zip lock bag. It takes up a lot less space in the bag.

I'm still packing my sweater but may only need it for the first couple of days that I'm there. It looks like in a week or so it will be in the 60s. I'll make a decision on that a little later in the week when the forecast goes further into next week.

I've decided not to take my video camera. The case for it takes up too much space The camera is not all that big but all of the wires needed for it (mostly for charging purposes) takes up too much space. I have to keep remembering less is more. I also find that with a video camera I spend a great deal of time figuring out the shot as opposed to enjoying what I'm filming.

It is also possible I might just put it in my big backpack with the two batteries and when it runs out of life it runs out of life. There's is still time to figure that one out. The digital camera hardly takes up any room at all. So if I don't take the camera bag for the video recorder I might be able to put it in a padded bag or something like that. This is something to ponder.

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