Monday, March 03, 2008

All Down to Tuesday?

This is probably it for the Clinton campaign: Tuesday.

This from USA Today:

TOLEDO, Ohio — Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton assessed her chances Monday for the Democratic nomination and made some pointed remarks about rival Sen. Barack Obama, one day before voters in Ohio, Texas, Rhode Island and Vermont go the polls.

Clinton suggested she'll press on with the campaign after Tuesday's crucial primaries, despite the outcome, arguing that momentum is on her side.

The polls seem to be pointing out a different trend. It also seems harder and harder for Clinton to catch Obama in the delegate count if she does not win really big tomorrow. Again all the evidence points to a close contest in the two big state Ohio and Texas. But even Rhode Island and Vermont take on added significance. Essentially ever single delegate is going to count. And in a way that makes me feel really good about the process so far. A race this time not a victory lap. I think it will make whomever emerges as the nominee a better candidate.

It is interesting to see now that the press is now pressing Obama on some of the issues that have followed him throughout the campaign: his controversial pastor, his ties to indicted fundraiser Tony Rezko, voting present, Farrakhan, the nuclear contributions and the lack of a flag pin. And the recent dust-up over NAFTA. The flag pin one seems really silly. There's an interesting article from Howard Kurtz on how the press is suddenly doing it's job [that's my take on it]; it's called Scratching Obama's Teflon.

I'm not against Obama. I think he would be a very good candidate and, if he is the nominee, I'm looking forward to voting for him. But I'm concerned, that if he is the nominee, this issues are going to follow him. Obama after all will be running against the Republican machine and it will be going after him full tilt. We seen recently some of what it may try to do. See my recent post on it.

Anyway the thing now to do is to sit back and wait and see what the voters decide. It should be a very interesting night.

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