Friday, March 07, 2008

Fixed Furnace

Well the furnace did get fixed.

The repairman arrived a little after one. Just after I made my last post for that day. It took him until about 2:40 to get things up and running again. Essentially the starter had gone out. That’s why I kept hearing a click when I turned up the thermostat but then nothing else happened.

There was a great deal of trial and error in getting it back up and running. The furnace was on and off many times. At first it sounded completely wrong. There was an attempt by the furnace to start but nothing happened. After about an hour in, the furnace motor would actually turn over and it was running but still not sounding completely correct. Then finally it was back to its old self.

The visit was free. Well not actually free because I have a service contract but I did not have to pay the repairman anything. Everything was covered under the service contract. I even got new filters.

The only draw back, besides missing a complete day of work, was the house smelled like oil. And I mean really smelled. It was a nice day out so I opened up the windows on the first floor and the basement door. It worked pretty well. Although I did notice a little residual odor when I got back from Dinning Out for Life last night. I might need to open things up again. I’m not sure that the weather will be all the cooperative this weekend.

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