Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I got my maps today for my trip to London. Another item to check off my list.

I got them at this great store called ADC Map & Travel Center. It's a few blocks from work. They have just about any map you could possibly want. And I found two of them Actually one is a map the Insight Fleximap of London and the other is London AZ.

The actual map gives a good overview of the whole city. While the book gives much more detailed information. It also list just about every possible tourist destination in its index. It lists all the theaters that I'm going to. The theater district has expanded somewhat or more likely I was only in a small part of it when I went there all those many years ago.

Saturday afternoon I plan to sit down and have a good long planning session of what I'm going to do on what day. I need to figure out where to catch the train for the two day trips (Hampton Court and Bath). I don't go out of the same train station for both. I know for Hampton Court I go from Waterloo. So I need to see where that is and what Tube line to take to get there.

I think I can now say I am officially excited about the trip!!!

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