Monday, March 03, 2008

Once post

This isn't so much about the movie as about my post called Once's Oscar Nod.

It got a deluge of hits after the Oscars. 107 hits to be exact. I was able to track the hits with my Stat Counter which is a fun to look at from time to time. I've posted about the ocean mystery. So I took a look to see where my Once post viewed from.

The majority of post were form the US. Several from Canada as well. Both of which is to be expected. Two from the Czech Republic. Well Marketa Irglova is originally from the Czech Republic so again not much of a surprise. A hit from Dublin, another from London, one from the Isle of Man, one form the Netherlands, two from Spain, one in Thailand, one in Cambodia, one from Hong Kong.

I won't list all of them but an interesting and very wide range of places heard from. I'm just curious as to exactly how they got to my post. I did a couple of searches and didn't see my post get listed.

Well anyway. I think it is cool.


The Go Mann said...

And in a sort o f meta way it's working again: I'm from the Isle of Man :)

Jason in DC said...

Well then a welcome to my blog and quick shout out to you and the Isle of Man.

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