Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Freezing Sunday — The Reason to Stay In

Wow was it cold this morning. I thought I might go to the gym but then I checked the weather app on my phone. It showed it was 6 out. With the wind chill even colder.

I wanted to go to the Cupid's Undie Run but it was too cold for that too.

Here's what the run is all about:
This Valentine’s Day weekend, come put the hilarity in charity with hundreds of half-naked runners taking to the streets in celebration of their fundraising for the Children’s Tumor Foundation.

Be a part of something great. Last year Cupid’s raised over $2.8 Million to #EndNF and we’re relying on YOU to join and make this year’s fundraising (and party) the biggest and best yet.
Like I said way way way too cold.

Then I thought I would go see a movie. But the mercury wasn't going up very fast and the wind was just blowing crazy. I had a hard time getting to sleep last night because of all the noise it made. I'd thought things would calm down a little when the sun came. No such luck with that.

If I did go see the movie, I had to decide how to get there. Metro was an option but waiting at the Rhode Island Avenue Metro stop which is 30 plus feet in the air did not have much appeal. The other option was of course to drive. I decided to stay home. I just did not want to get all bundled up and to out it is just cold out there.

So I decided to stay in. I put my iPod and shuffle. I got out my book to read. Linus and Charlie joined me on the couch to make it a family event. Staying warm on a really really cold day.

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