Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Charlie's Doppelganger

I went to an open house on Sunday. Where I ran into Charlie's doppelganger.

But before I get to that I also ran into my former trainer. He also works as a real estate agent. It was very funny to walk into the house and see him there. He at first did not recognize me and came over to shake my hand. Saying hi I'm Ed. And I said yes I know.

He gave me a big hug. He said he didn't recognize me all dressed up in my winter garb. He asked how I was doing and I filled him in on all my fun medical problems. We chatted about other things as well.

Ed took me to one of the back rooms and showed me the four dog crates that were back there. He and his partner are big on having pets. But these owners of this house surpassed them. As I said there were four crates but each one was bigger than the last. Until the last one was pretty big.

Some more people came to look at the house and I went to explore the rest of it as well.

And here is where I happened upon Charlie's doppelganger. Or better yet Charlie's mini-me. He was very friendly. Very much wanted to be petted and purred loudly. When I was turning to leave he meowed and reached out a paw to make me stay.

It was a very enjoyable visit. Here are a couple of pictures of him. And then one of Charlie.

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