Sunday, February 01, 2015

The Line at the DMV

There's a branch of the DMV right by the Rhode Island Avenue Metro stop. On Saturday it opens at 8:15am. This was the line there as I was heading off to the gym. As the screen shot of my weather app shows it was cold. More than that it was windy as you can see from the feels like on the picture. There were close to 30 people in line so some must have been in line for awhile.

When I came back there were still people outside. I guess there were so many people at the DMV that they only allow a certain number in at a time. At least by the afternoon it was a little warmer. I'm just thankful that what I have to do with the DMV I can do either through the mail or on-line.

The temperature and wind chill right before the DMV opened.

The person in yellow at the right was the first in line.

This gives you an idea of how far the line wrapped around the building.

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