Sunday, February 01, 2015

Skating at the National Gallery Sculpture Garden

I headed further down Pennsylvania Avenue and then thought I'd see if the skating rink at the National Gallery Sculpture Garden was open. I think these pictures give a really good feel as to just how bright and sunny the day was.

It was. In fact it looked like it had just opened. It is in such a wonderful location. As the website describes it:

The Gallery's ice rink can accommodate more than two hundred skaters, with a music system that brings vibrant sound to visitors on and off the ice. At night, lighting creates a festive atmosphere for the richly landscaped ground and a distinctive backdrop for nineteen works of modern and contemporary sculpture.

I will have to go down some evening and see what that's like. I'd like to say I'd try going skating but I would only be falling down all the time which is why I watch instead.

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