Sunday, February 01, 2015

A Walk by the White House

I headed out of the gym and decided to take a less direct route to Union Station. I thought it would be fun to walk down Pennsylvania Avenue. Then it occurred to me that I could stop off at the Barnes and Noble that's downtown.

It was sunny day but windy at well. As long as you were in the sun it wasn't all that bad except when there was a really big gust of wind. Then you were reminded that it was winter.

I walked to Lafayette Park. It gives you a great look at the White House. There were people coming out the front door who'd been on the morning tour.

In front of the treasury building, there were rollerbladers lacing up to play some street hockey. They had their sticks with them too. There were only a couple but I saw a few more on the way to join up.

Then I walked to Pennsylvania Avenue. Had a great view of the Capitol.

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