Sunday, April 27, 2008

Back on the Bike

I rode my road bike yesterday!

This is probably the first time in like two years that I've actually been on the bike. I didn't ride all that far. I went to DuPont Circle to run some errands then down to talk to someone at my gym (more about that later) and then around the White House and then home.

I even tackled the big hill on Rhode Island Avenue which really isn't all that big now that I've ridden up it. Actually going down the hill is something to be carefully about. You can build up pretty good deal of speed if you don't watch yourself.

I think the bike needs a little work. I'd like to have it tuned up. I'll need another odometer too. It looks like the only problem with the one I have is the battery needs to be replaced. The problem is sincerely doubt I'd be able to fine the instruction. I will give it a try and hope for the best but I'm thinking I'll be getting another one.

I hope to be able to ride a couple times or more a week to start things off. I actually think I can park the bike in the garage next door at work. If I can, it means I can start riding to work and save a little money while I'm getting in shape.

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