Thursday, April 03, 2008

A Small World in London

I had a great time at Bath. The range of history in one place is breath taking. More about that a little later.

Here's what happened to me. I was waiting at Paddington Station to take the train to Bath. I notice this guy in a very loud shirt. It seemed really out of place. Most everyone else looked like they were traveling, like me, or on the way to work. His shirt had very bright blue, purple and pink vertical strips. His hair was all spiked up too. It looked more like he was going for a night on the town. He was also very big. His arms were probably larger than my thighs are. My point is he stood out. More about that later.

I go to Bath. Have a really good time. The Roman Baths are really cool. The source of water is the same source that was used in Roman times. The size of the complex ishuge. Only a small part of it has been uncovered. The are still doing work on excavating it.

The cathedral is fantastic and you can take pictures in it. A high school group from Rochester Minn. no less sang there. They were very good. I also there was a great street band that played jazz. They looked like high school age. I'm very glad I brought my video camera.

I'm on my way home. I'm walking down Gower Street. A few doors from the Jesmond a couple of guys come out from another B&B. And in it's a small world after all it is the same guy that I saw at Paddington Station in the morning. He'd changed clothes. I wasn't sure at first but you don't forget a guy that is that big and his hair was a dead give away.

I think wow small world. I go in take a shower go off and wonder around Goodge Street have dinner. I'm heading back to the B&B and who do I see again walking up Gower Street but this guy again. What are the odds in a city of this size for that to happen three times in like 9 hours.

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