Wednesday, April 23, 2008

We Now Return To Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

The London pictures are up so now I guess I’ll return to regular old blogging.

It was strange being out of the country for that length of time and not seeing the news on a regular basis. I sort of have to get back into the habit of watching the news and reading paper.

I did catch the news from time to time. Big the news was about British Airways opening of Terminal 5 at Heathrow and the huge mess with the luggage. They actually had to cancel flights. Other big stories were the Zimbabwe election. The Princess Diana inquest results and of course the Olympic Torch relay. The US election was mentioned a couple of times. It might have gotten more play if there’d actually been a primary during the time I was gone.

I still want to post video of the trip. I need to find some way to reduce the size of the file. You’re limited to posting 10 minutes or 100 MB. I can post about 30 seconds before I reach the 100 MB. There has to be a way like in Photoshop where you either change the type of file or the resolution. So far I haven’t found anything to help with this. I have an version 5.0 of iDVD. I haven’t brought in any video so I’m not sure it can size things down or not. I hope to try it tonight. A quick update. I have found a program from Adobe that looks like it can down size the file the only problem it's a PC program.

But now back to regular blogging.

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