Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hampton Court

This is Hampton Court. This palace has two types of architecture. The Tudor part of the palace was started by Cardinal Wolsey and finished by Henry VIII. The Cardinal "gave" the place to Henry. The other part of the palace was built by William and Mary. William used the palace to get away from all the pollution in London. He had asthma. The idea was to make a mini-Versailles but wars and Mary's early death put a stop to that.

There are three free tours. A general tour of the palace, a tour of the Tudor part of and then a tour of the royal apartments of King William. All the tours are done by people in costume. But there are also real people from the time. They were really informative.

Now this fine gentleman showed us around King William's apartments. As he said I am just a commoner. But dear friends I happen to know that the king is not in residence today so let's take a peek inside.

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