Friday, April 25, 2008

Back to the Gym

I'm back at the gym.

I started on the 15th. Randy took it easy on me the first couple of sessions.

This week was not the case.

Tuesday we did abs and legs. All I can say is wow I hurt. I'm glad we moved our other session of the week to Fridays. I was still a little sore today when I went in.

Today was chest, arms and back. I know I'm getting stronger if very slowly. I was doing bench dips today for my triceps. For the second set I put my legs up on another bench and not on the floor. It made the exercise more difficult. The thing I need to do in the future is keep my feet closer to the side of the bench so the exercise is even harder.

I asked Randy to give me some exercises to strengthen my forearms (this is one of my weak points I have very small wrists). We did a couple and I can incorporate them into my own workout which I do I Sundays.

I really like have the sessions twice a week. I'm not sure I'd survive if I had three in a week. Also I like one day to go over some of the exercises I've learned during the week. I can concentrate on those areas that I really have problems with.

I'm back on the stationary bike too. I rode three times this week so far for over 20 minutes each time. On Wednesday I did 26 minutes. I'm using the heart monitor that I bought to make sure I'm reaching my target heart rate. I took yesterday off and will do the same today just to get in a rest.

I hope tomorrow to get out my road bike and pump up the tires and go for a ride. The weather is supposed to be good. I won't go very far I just need to get back on the bike. I'm going to look into riding my bike to work. There's a garage next to the building I work in that has a bike rack. I think anyone can use it. Th idea would be a couple times of week to get up early hop on the bike and go for a ride. Maybe just to National Airport. I could then go to my gym and take a shower and change. I could even go to my office since there is a shower there too.

Lots of options to pursue now that the weather is getting better.

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