Saturday, April 05, 2008

Dr. Who Season 4, Episode 1

I get to see most of the first episode of the new season of Dr. Who tonight on BBC 1. Then right after that on BBC 3 Dr. Who confidential. The episode was really great. This brings back the runaway bride, Donna Noble, from a few seasons ago. They keep missing each other in the episode but finally see each other at the most in opportune time. It was a really good episode.

I took a nap this afternoon and feel better. I went down to Covent Garden and wandered around there. Watched several performers one who juggled among other things a chain saw. I ate Chinesse. The meal was good the service was not. In general it seems that restaurants here don't know exactly what to do with a person eating by themselves. The exception has been the really good Italian place I've had dinner twice before going off t the theater.

The Olympic torch is town and is going to be in a relay through London tomorrow. I might try and see it but there might be way too many people. As we say in my family, we'll see.

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Anonymous said...

In the time remaining I recommend going to Little Venice. There's a bridge over the canal with a coffee shop. You can take a seat, have coffee or tea and watch whatever flows under you. Many people live in houseboats along the canal. That is all — Ed