Monday, April 28, 2008

The iMacs Are Coming, The iMacs Are Coming

All I can say it is about time. I've been waiting for Apple to come out with a new version of the iMac since the start of the year. They finally got around to it today. Here are all the details.

They are really fast. And for once Apple wasn't stingy on the RAM. Also maxing out the RAM doesn't cost a fortune.

I have to get someone in to look at my air conditioning unit. If the repairs to that don't cost a fortune, I'll probably get a new iMac sometime in June. Maybe I'll give myself a really cool birthday present.

My old eMac is now five plus years old. It is starting to show its age. It takes a while for it load pages and open some programs. It really doesn't like to run any other program when I have Photoshop open.

I use Photoshop to size my pictures and do other changes to them. I'm slowly going through all of my London pictures. It takes a long time for the program to open and I can't open many pictures at one time. It will be nice to have a machine with some speed and power.

Of course in its day the eMac worked really well. But five years is a life time in computers and it is time to move on. I'm not sure what I'll do with the old one. I also don't know how all the programs I have will work on the new machine. I'm hoping InDesign and Photoshop will be fine which I think they will. Of course if they have problems, I'll have to buy the new creative suite from Adobe.

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Anonymous said...

you told me to wait for it. they're here sooner than i thought. glad i waited. they are faster better stronger!

did you find out about my $50 gift card from results?

let's get together soon.