Friday, April 04, 2008

Thursday Night

I had a nice little rest. I headed out for dinner had it at the same Italian place where I ate the other night. It has some really good food. I had dessert this time. Oh my oh my.

Then it was off to see the Lion King. It was enjoyable. It certainly is a spectacle. A very imaginative way to stage the whole thing. Of course the opening number Circle of Life with the "animals" walking down the aisle certainly makes it open with a bang. Some of the additional songs I thought didn't measure up to the original material but then again you sort of have to expect that.

The audience certainly enjoyed it. They applauded after the intro by the orchestra. One thing that I have noticed that British audiences do not seem to give standing ovations. There was no question that people loved it but very few people stood up. I think there would have been a differnt reaction in the States.

Afterwards I took a slow walk up toward home. London was a busy place Thursday night at 11.

Since I did so much yesterday I'm going to take it a little easy today. I'm going to go to the Science Museum and maybe Natural History. Then do a little shopping well more like looking since prices are high here. It looks like this will be the last full day of warm weather. It is supposed to turn cold over the weekend but I'm not sure exactly how cold. Guess I'll find out.

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