Thursday, April 03, 2008

Steps and Steps to the Top of St. Paul's

It is 434 steps 85 meters to the Golden Gallery at St. Pauls' Catherdral. That's what I did this morning. It was a lot easy the last time I did it but then again that was 20 years go.

It is a very beautiful cathedral. The views from the top are amazing. I took some really good pictures from the top or at least as far to the top as you can get. I got there soon after it opened so there were very few people there. There are needless to say many many steps. The passage ways are not very high nor are they very wide. Some of the stairs are in a tight spiral and that made me a little dizzy.

From there I walked across the Millennium Bridge to Tate Modern. I spent a little time there. Then walked down the Thames. I went up in Tower Bridge. It was really interesting to get to the top of the bridge and look down on London. It was still early and I decided that I'd go on to the Tower of London. Got a guided tour by a Beefeater. Then wandered around. There were hardly any people there so getting into see the Crown Jewels was very easy.

I've headed back to the B&B to get a little rest. It was another sunny day until mid afternoon when it clouded over. Supposedly over the weekend it is going to get colder. I have to say that the weather has been fantastic. I couldn't have asked for anything better.

I'm going to take a little rest then head out for dinner and the Lion King.


Anonymous said...

Lucky! Right about this time last year I was up in the gallery on my vacation to London. So envious...
There was a choir singing and it was a transcendent experience. Enjoy!

Jason in DC said...

Thanks so much. To hire a choir there must be incredible!! I really enjoyed the choir at the Bath Cathederal. I can only imagine what it would be like up in the gallery.

I will say you get your workout for the day by climbing to the top!