Saturday, April 05, 2008

Fun Friday

I went to the Science Museum yesterday. A very interesting place. Lots of hands on exhibits. In one you were the energy minister for a fictional country. You had to decide which forms of energy to use to meet the power demands of the citizens. You had your job for 25 years. There would be messages from time to time from the prime minister charting your progress. Sometimes you'd get a good message that the form of power plant you selected say wind went over well. Other times the minister would ask what you were doing because people were up in arms over what you'd done.

Then I went over to the Natural History Museum. The building is very ornate and beautiful. Many interesting things to see there. The formation of the earth, rocks, fossils and of course dinosaurs.

Then I just wandered around going into shops and looking. Buying was sort of out of the question. Then I bought a sandwich and had dinner in Leicester Square. I thought well I'll just go home and make it an early night. I went by the half price ticket place just to see what was there. They had Spamalot tickets. I thought no. So I sat down and had dinner. I looked at my watch it was 15 minutes before 7 and I thought what the hell. It turns out the show wasn't until 8:30 (some shows has like a 5pm maitntee on Fridays and so the evening show is later). So I had time to dash back take a shower and get down and see the show. It was very funny as always.

I'm way behind in journal entries I think I'm just going to do bullet points from now on.

I'm heading off to Kensington Palace. Then I'm not sure what I'm going to do. The weather has turned a little colder but the sun is still out.

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