Saturday, April 05, 2008

Kensington Palace

I went to Kensington Palace this morning that was Diana's residence. The grounds were very pretty and I got to see some cherry blossoms. The palace was first used by William and Mary. It was also were Queen Victory grew up. She came to the palace once it was figured out that she would be the next queen.

The weather is a little colder today. But there are still patches of sun here and there. I've headed back to the B&B. I picked up lunch from Pret which is this great sandwich place. I got dinner form them last night. I'm a little tired today so I think I might eat and take a short nap and then head out again. I will say that figuring out lunch is sort of a pain. I found that it is easier to eat on the run. You loose too much time if you sit down at a place.

A couple of quick observations. It seems that England had been invaded by French high school students. I noticed them one of the days I was in the British Museum. They were all over the place at Bath. I have to say not all that well behaved either. Then again they are high school students. I will say there never seemed to be many adults around. The kids seemed to have free rein.

A couple more things on Spamalot. Some of the jokes did not go over like the line that goes will be shoot by Michael Moore. I think not many people in Britain know who he is. One funny thing is that at the very end of the show the actor playing King Arthur muffed one of his lines. He carried on but both he and the actress playing the Lady of the Lake had a hard time not breaking up.

The trip is winding down. I've seen just about everything I've wanted to. The weather could not have been better. The shows have been great. I might try and see one more show Monday night. There are a couple of places I want to go back to: British Museum, National Gallery, Covent Garden. I might try and get in a visit to Buckingham Palace but that's more of a maybe.

Right now I need to eat lunch.

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